Chairperson’s Role

As your Club’s Chairperson, you will help launch, supervise, and coach your Club by mentoring it through various stages of development.

When a Club first starts, the students will need to see how certain roles are handled, so for the first meeting, you will act as the MC and possibly conduct one, or more, of the speech evaluations. (Don’t worry, we have an entire “First Meeting Kit” to make this super-easy for you.) Also, your manual has a thorough description and FAQ for your role.Chairperson

The students are provided a Member Handbook that clearly outlines meeting etiquette and how to do each of the roles in the club. If you need to launch your club before distributing Member Handbooks, we have provided a fully scripted set of materials to get the first meeting rolling, allowing students to jump right into club roles. Click here to see what we recommend you have your members prepare for the first meeting.

In two to three meetings, the kids will be able to run the meetings from start to finish without regular input from you.

Ultimately, ensuring the meetings are run efficiently and professionally rests with the Chairperson, so you will generally be in the meeting room at all times.

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