Speakers League Charter

$ 5+ Monthly
  • Club Charter¹
  • Workshop License² (now included with every charter!)
  • Access to the Club Store⁴
  • Premium Support

Some fine print for your enjoyment

¹ For each Speakers League club you operate (and if you wish to offer workshops), you must possess a valid Speakers League Club Charter. A Charter is a $95 annually renewable license that gives you the right to use the Speakers League materials for one club, and to take advantage of the other benefits and support outlined. You also agree to our terms and conditions. A Speakers League Club is defined as a single group of students that meets on a regular ongoing basis and conducts Speakers League structured meetings. Adjust quantities on your order form if purchasing more than one Charter. 15% discount applies when purchasing five or more charters.

² Workshops are defined as short-term trainings (usually 6-16 sessions) at which a new group of students typically enrolls for each workshop series. You must have a Club Charter ($95) to allow you to conduct workshops. Workshop materials are different from regular club materials. You do not need to purchase a license for each workshop you hold. One charter/license authorizes all workshops held for the year. You do not need to run a club to be able to run workshops, but you need to hold a club charter to run workshops.

⁴ The Club Store is where charter holders can opt to order club materials, such as a portable lectern, pre-printed member handbooks, woven ribbons. Keep in mind that charter holders receive access to all of the downloadable materials and can easily print out things like member handbooks, or cardstock ribbons. The option to have us print materials is for your convenience.

Club-in-a-Box Fast Start KitMany clubs opt to print out forms and handbooks as needed from our instantly-downloadable materials. However, if you like the idea of everything ready to go, we offer our “Club-in-a-Box” startup kit. It is a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to get the materials you’ll need for around 20 meetings and up to 20 members. Charging your students a modest $20-$25 materials fee will defray this cost. 


  • Speakers League Operations Manual
  • 24 Member Handbooks (Includes Level I & II)
  • 1 Plastic portable Speakers League materials box, labeled folders, 20 golf pencils, sharpener
  • 1 set of First Meeting Forms (All of the suggested handouts)
  • 24 Parent Agreement (2-part carbonless copy forms)
  • 24 Timekeeper Forms (Color)
  • 1 Stopwatch
  • 1 Timekeeper’s Bell (countertop style)
  • 1 set of Timekeeper Signals (Green, Yellow, Red)
  • 24 Wordmaster Forms 
  • 96 Level I Evaluator Forms
  • 24 Level II Evaluator Forms
  • 48 pages of Voting Slips (Un-trimmed,/8 per page)
  • 25 Best Speaker Woven Ribbons
  • 25 Best Impromptu Woven Ribbons
  • 25 Best Evaluator Woven Ribbons
  • 12 My Guest Joined Woven Ribbons
  • 12 pages of “Impromptu Pro” cardstock ribbons – Printed (Color, untrimmed, 8/page)
  • 12 pages of “I Made it to a Minute” cardstock ribbons – Printed (Color, untrimmed, 8/page)
  • 24 Meeting Report Forms
  • 6 Blank Speaker Schedule Forms
  • 12 Level 1 Completion Certificates (Cardstock, printed in color)


Phone: + 1 214 972 8046
Toll Free in USA: + 1 877 725 8880
Email: info@speakersleague.com
PO Box 866092 Plano, TX 75086