¹ For each Speakers League club you operate (and if you wish to offer workshops), you must possess a valid Speakers League Club Charter. A Charter is a $95 annually renewable license that gives you the right to use the Speakers League materials for one club, and to take advantage of the other benefits and support outlined. You also agree to our terms and conditions. A Speakers League Club is defined as a single group of students that meets on a regular ongoing basis and conducts Speakers League structured meetings. Adjust quantities on your order form if purchasing more than one Charter. ² Workshops are defined as short-term trainings (usually 10 sessions) at which a new group of students typically enrolls for each workshop series. You must have a Club Charter ($95) to allow you to purchase a Workshop License ($49.99). Workshop materials are different from regular club materials. You do not need to purchase a license for each workshop you hold. One license authorizes all workshops held for the year. The license will renew annually for as long as you want the right to hold workshops, but it may only be purchased or renewed by valid Charter holders. You do not need to run a club to be able to run workshops, but you need to hold a club charter to run workshops. ³ Some meeting locations may require that you have liability insurance. Speakers League can provide up to $2 million in general liability insurance with respect to the conduct of Speakers League activities for all qualified Speakers League club and workshop events and meeting sites. Your club must hold a Charter, in good standing, and follow Speakers League policies, terms, and conditions regarding the activities taking place. If Speakers League determines that the event is not within its guidelines, the insurance request will be denied and the Charter holder will be notified. (For non-U.S. restrictions, read our Terms and Conditions.)