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Sparring Topics

Television is a bad influence

City life is better than country life

Backpacks are better than lockers.

Barbie is a more appropriate role model than GI Joe.

Belts are better than suspenders.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Buttons are better than zippers.

Whataburger vs. In-n-Out (or could choose 2 other fast food restaurants)

Cats are better pets than dogs.

Children watch too much TV.

Cows are better than horses.

Disneyland represents all that is best about America.

Doritos are better than Pringles.

Velcro vs. laces

Children should refer to adults by their first names.

Halloween is a better holiday than Thanksgiving.

Make up should be banned from high schools.

Cursive writing should be a required subject school.

Rock is better than classical music (or choose two other types of music)

Showers are better than baths.

Elephants are better than giraffes

Cheerleading is more important than debate

Violence is a superior means to settle disputes.

Students should be required to work after-school jobs.

Books are more fun than video games.

Taxes should not fund public school sports programs.

Scientific research should be managed by the government. 

X music star is better than Y music star (you fill in the blanks) 

People should eat meat

Transgenders should be permitted to compete as the sex with which they identify.

Stories with violent content should be banned from high schools

Music with explicit lyrics should be played on the radio without censoring certain words. 

The fast food industry is bad for our society.

Spanking is a bad form of discipline

There are good lessons to be learned from cartoons

The legal driving age should be lowered to 14.

School should last 12 months a year

School starts too early.

All schools should have a dress code

School uniforms should be made mandatory.

High school students should not receive a diploma unless they pass a rigorous competency test

People should not be allowed to own pets

The voting age should be raised to 25

Prepared Topics

The educational funds for an individual student should follow him based

on the parents’ choice of educational institution or method.

Speech deemed offensive or hateful should not be protected by the first amendment.

Freedom of speech is under attack.

Immigration decisions should primarily be merit-based.

National borders do more harm than good.

Federal funds should be withheld from sanctuary cities. 

State mandated administration of childhood vaccinations is unjustified. 

The United States should replace the Electoral College with a direct national popular vote.

There should be a single presidential term of six years.

The government should control the maximum and the minimum amount of money that each citizen earns.

The death penalty should be abolished in the United States 

Police, in general, do more harm than good in some communities.

Immigration reform should include a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States.

Customers should be able to order medium rare burgers at In-n-Out restaurants.

Equality is the enemy of freedom.

Anonymous speech on the internet is dangerous.

Developed countries have a moral obligation to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The US should withdraw funding and participation in the United Nations.

Should people who leak sensitive data to show illegal activity be punished?

There is only justice, not social justice.

 The benefits of internet connectivity of people and their possessions (known as the “internet of things” outweigh the harms of decreased personal privacy.

Your next smartphone should be an iPhone.

All lives matter.

We are closer to a Brave New World than 1984.

The USFG should do more to stop telemarketers.

States should adopt universal basic income.

Driverless cars ought to protect the lives of pedestrians over passengers.

Churches should not be tax exempt.

Home ownership is not part of the modern American Dream.

Tom Brady is the greatest NFL QB in history.

All state legislators should meet biannually only.

The pursuit of artificial intelligence is a bad idea.

The USFG should cut all funding from Planned Parenthood.

We should expect the deployment of a nuke in our lifetime.

All law-breakers over the age of 14 should be tried as adults.

Regarding impeachment, the US Senate should convict President Trump.

The media has been unfair to President Trump.

State governments should end corporate welfare.

The arts would be better off without public funding.

Judges ought to be elected, not appointed.

The USFG should reduce legal immigration.

The United States should convert to the metric system.

A priority should be placed on assimilation after immigration.

Public schools ought to be able to teach courses about the Bible.

History softens the sins of American Presidents.

The U.S. should amend the Constitution to ban flag burning.

SNAP beneficiaries should not be allowed to purchase unhealthy foods.

Offense wins games; defense wins championships.

Donald Trump will be reelected.

The USFG should phase out social security.

Protectionism will lead to great prosperity and strength.

Employers have the right to have access to employees’ social media accounts.

Colleges should convert to a four-day week.

It is better to be lucky than to be good.

States should do more to help the wrongfully convicted.

The Trump Administration should enforce federal marijuana laws in all states.

All-Star Games are a waste of time.

Healthcare should not be tied to employment.

Home economics should be a high school graduation requirement.

We should transition away from public education.

Sanctuary cities are a threat to national security.

Felons should have their voting rights reinstated upon the completion of their sentence.

All colleges should adopt a plus/minus grading system.

A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right.

President Trump’s tax returns are irrelevant.

College sports undermine academics.

Girl scouts should get out of the cookie business.

Professors should have no tolerance for cell phones in the classroom.

Email is a dying form of communication.

The USFG should eliminate funding for PBS and NPR.


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