Annual International Conference/Regional Meet

Saturday, June 4, 2016 ・ 8:30am - 3:00pm ・ Los Angeles CA

Members of Speakers League clubs around the world are invited to our first annual conference and regional meet. Participants and spectators will enjoy lots of fun activities, including:

Breakfast and lunch Humorous Speech and Impromptu contests TED Talk type presentations* Debate Tournament Officer recognition and installations Trophies Workshops and other fun activities

Entry fee

Breakfast and Lunch


Members of RSR headquarter’s Speakers League and Debate League clubs (Julia Morgan, Chairperson)

included in club tuition


Students that participate in the TED Talk Workshop

included in club tuition


Members of other Speakers League clubs, wishing to participate in activities and events.



Deluxe Guest





  * Members who have attended the TED Talk workshops are eligible to present their TED-style speeches. Find out more at Register for the conference by clicking here.