Part Time Positions

Substitute Club Chairperson

$45 for in-person club meetings (click here for a map of the general location near Allen, TX) 
$35 for online meetings
Meetings are 90 minutes long.

Submit resume and cover letter to

Are you responsible, reliable, motivated, articulate, and passionate about the value of public speaking skills for children? Do you have patience and the desire to inspire children aged 7-16 to excellence in their communication and leadership? If you answered yes to these questions, please read on . . .


Speakers League is a unique public speaking club program for children, ages 10+ (and Junior Speakers League for children ages 7-9). A Speakers League club provides a supportive environment where young people can become more comfortable and confident with public speaking.

We refer to the adult facilitator of the club as the Club Chairperson. The child members are trained to run the meetings themselves, but sometimes an adult presence is needed to keep everyone on track and being respectful. That is the role you would perform at the club meeting if you were a substitute.

Speakers League club meetings have membership of six to fifteen children. Some of our clubs meet weekly, and others meet twice per month The members are assigned certain roles at the meeting and every meeting follows the same basic format, including three main segments:

  • Impromptus, during which members rise and reply, off-the-cuff, for two-minutes, to questions or topics.
  • Prepared speeches that emphasize different speech-crafting and presentation skills.
  • Evaluations that follow club guidelines for constructive critiques.
You can view a meeting highlight video by clicking here, or view the video below.

As you can see from the video, the Club Chairperson is a background player, most of the time.  However, ultimately, ensuring the meetings are run efficiently and professionally rests with the Chairperson.

About the Position

Occasionally one of our Club Chairpersons can’t be there for a certain meeting and we need someone to come in and make sure the club runs smoothly in his or her absence.  

The child members generally run the meetings, so the main task is to keep them on course and behaving professionally. The second very important task is to video record the scheduled speeches. There can be up to 4 speeches of no more than 7.5 minutes each. After the meeting you will upload the videos to Dropbox (or some similar sharing site).

Successful candidates will be very comfortable with the following skills:

  • Email and texting communication
  • Space and ability to record up to 30 minutes of video from your smartphone or other device (in person) or on your computer if via Zoom. (We provide the tripod with a smartphone clamp for in-person meetings.)
  • Ability to upload these videos to a shared folder on Dropbox (or similar cloud sharing site).
  • Ability to update a Google Sheets spreadsheet

These additional areas of experience are a plus:

  • Public speaking/Toastmasters experience
  • Working with children
  • Zoom online meeting app


You are asked to attend at least two in-person club meetings prior to subbing your first time. You will be paid $25 per meeting you attend as a trainee.

You will be provided a “Guide for Substitutes” to give you a Meeting Timeline and Checklist plus FAQs for what to do and expect at meetings.

The in-person location (a tutoring center) has staff on hand in case of emergencies. You will also be provided Speakers League contacts that you can reach out to by phone or text if you have questions during the meeting.

FAQs regarding the position

Q: Do I need special equipment already, or will it be provided to me?

A: You will need a device to record up to 30 minutes of speeches and be able to upload the videos to a cloud sharing app like Dropbox.

Q: Do I have to wear a uniform or certain attire?

A: The Chairperson wears business or business casual attire to club meetings to help set the tone for the members.

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