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Considering starting a  Speakers League club or workshop? You and your future members are in for a rewarding experience!

Public speaking is a skill that is best learned by doing, and the Speakers League format gives members a chance to develop and improve their skills at every meeting.

It’s kind of thrilling to see kids, new to public speaking, rise and speak on a topic without preparation (we call these Impromptus), present prepared speeches, and present evaluations of their peers. They become engaged and involved with the success of the meeting, taking on the varied roles, e.g. tracking the times of the speakers, counting filler-words, such as, “um,” “like,” and “you know,” selecting and presenting poetry, or jokes, or counting votes. At every turn, members take responsibility and stretch their abilities, and are rewarded for their effort and progress.
We show you exactly how to make that happen.
Perhaps one of these describes you:


  • School
  • Teacher
  • After school program
  • Scout troop
  • Youth organization (e.g. Boys & Girls Club)
  • Tutoring center
  • Homeschooler
  • Church youth group
  • Entrepreneur
  • “College for Kids” program
  • GATE (gifted and talented) program
  • Library program
  • Summer academic camp
  • YMCA program
  • Corporate sponsored youth development program

Speakers League is a great fit for all of these types of organizations and individuals.

The first step to starting your club (or workshop) is to purchase a club “charter.” A charter is an annually-renewable license to use our materials, to operate one club or multiple workshops.
To the right are some frequently asked questions (FAQs), but these are just a fraction of what’s available when you request our illustrated 35-page PDF, “Getting Started” (Part 1 of our operations manual). Complete the form below and we will send you a link to view, download, and/or print it.

In “Getting Started” you will find everything laid out for you to plan, promote, and launch your club.


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The Role of the Club Chairperson

Level AdvancementWe refer to the adult supervisor of the club as the “Chairperson.” Though ensuring the meetings are run efficiently and professionally always rests with you, the ultimate goal for the Chairperson is to have as little input on the meeting as possible, with the members running it from beginning to end with only light supervision from you. 

At the beginning, and until club officers are elected (generally, a few months into the club) you will manage the opening and closing of the meeting. 

The approach to the very first meeting depends on the readiness of your membership before day one.

Speakers League Impromptu MasterYour first meeting and beyond

Ideally, before the first meeting, members will have had a chance, at home, to view our meeting highlight video (speakersleague.com/video) and to have reviewed their member handbook for information about their pre-scheduled role at the first meeting. However, if there has not been sufficient time for pre-scheduling, and such, our “First Meeting and Beyond” materials (Part 2 of the manual) offers an alternative – three step-by-step lesson plans to give you and your members a gradual, fun, and stress free introduction to the roles at a club meeting, techniques for Impromptus, a plan for preparing the first speech, and a foundation in how to effectively (and constructively) evaluate another member’s speech.

Speakers League growthWithin a few months, if not sooner, you can add in the roles of Club Officers who will take over the opening and closing of the meeting, among other things.

After that, the Chairperson’s chief responsibility is to maintain proper meeting etiquette. The goal is for members to elevate their behavior to that of a business meeting, balancing enjoyment with seriousness. You will want to review the video or meeting handbook section on etiquette with your members. Reminders during meetings are sometimes necessary.

Many club chairpersons choose to complete speech evaluations (form available), and some even videotape and upload the speeches for members to self-evaluate. 

Louis, Tina, Richie, CaitlinWe provide complete phone and email support, and your Operations Manual is a step-by-step guide for you. Whether you are a School Program, Youth Club, Tutoring Center, or homeschooling co-op, we provide all the tools and support to plan, promote, launch, and maintain your Speakers League Club.

Speakers League - as young as six

“Confident”  “Articulate” “Poised”  “Perceptive”

These are words that have been used to describe students as young as six that have been trained through Speakers League.

With Speakers League, you can take any group of students, elementary aged through College, and provide the perfect club environment for them to become confident and skilled public speakers.


SL Start up checklist

It’s all been figured out for you, every step of the way —
a complete system for developing skilled young speakers!
Let us hand you these simple steps to creating confidence.
The first step is to . . .

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All I can say is WOW!  The Speakers League is amazing!  I was so impressed with every aspect — the kids, the speeches, the way the meetings are organized, the whole thing is totally superb.  Bravo!!

Erica Stearns

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