Junior Speakers League Monthly Training and Resource Subscription


Subscribe to our online training materials for as little as $5 per month.

For an “Individual Level” (self-study) subscription, for just a single child, Select 0 (zero) members. “Individual Level” subscribers, in addition to our member training courses and speech samples, etc., will have access to our speech evaluation services, when they become available, and invitations to participate in Junior Speakers League sponsored SLAMs (Speakers League Annual Meets), at additional cost.

“Club Level” subscriptions are for adults who want to start a club or training program and would like their club members and/or the parents to also have access to the Junior Speakers League training materials (at a deep discount compared to getting their own “Individual Level” subscription). For a “Club Level” subscription, select the option for how many club members and/or parents will have access to the materials. Each additional 10 members will add $5 to your monthly subscription. You will be able to monitor their training progress and quiz results from our courses, etc.

“Club Level” subscribers (though not their members), in addition to our member training courses and speech examples, etc., have access to periodic online townhall meetings with Speakers League company representatives, and other courses and activities designed for individuals running clubs.

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