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Meeting highlight video. 

Online Meeting Aspects (plus blooper!)

Level I Handbook Tour

The “Getting to Know You” (GTKY) Speech (your first speech)

Club Etiquette and Protocol (plus bloopers!)

Professionalism (plus blooper reel)

Top 10 Tips for the Lectern (plus blooper reel)

SL Meeting Roles Training

How to be Vote Counter
at in-person meetings (plus bloopers!)

How to be Timekeeper (plus bloopers!)

How to be Wordmaster (plus bloopers!).
Also includes sample Impromptu for you to practice counting filler words.

Effective Evaluations Part 1 (plus bloopers!)

Effective Evaluations Part 2 (plus bloopers!)

Training Video Silly Kids

Presentation Skills

Using Gestures
Gestures are the movements we make with our bodies while speaking.

Using Vocal Variety
Vocal Variety is about using changes in power, pitch, pace, and pauses while speaking.

Using Visual Aids
Visual aids are things that we show to the audience to add meaning and interest while speaking.

The Getting to Know You speech – Level I
The objective of the GTKY speech (the first speech in Level I) is to help you feel more comfortable in public speaking situations and to let the audience learn more about you. (4-6 minutes)

The Vocal Variety speech – Level I
In addition to gestures, use vocal power, pitch, pace, and pauses to add meaning and interest to your message. (5-7 minutes)

The Visual Aids speech – Level I
In addition to gestures and vocal variety, use visual aids to help the audience understand and remember what they hear. (5-7 minutes)

The Knowledge speech – Level I
Research an issue or topic, write a speech, and then present that speech to the audience in a way that incorporates the skills you have learned thus far. To be eligible for Level advancement, the timing of this speech must fall within the specified time frame of 7-minutes plus-or-minus 30-seconds.

The Sincerity speech – Level II
The objective of the Sincerity speech is to share your thoughts on a subject about which you have strong feelings in such a way that it might convince others to take up your cause. (5-7 minutes)

The Storytelling speech – Level II
The goal of the Storytelling speech is to share a fictional folk tale or story with a moral in a way that is entertaining and holds the interest of the audience. (5-7 minutes)

The Audience Participation speech – Level III
The objective of the Audience Participation speech is to involve the audience in some way while making your speech. (5-7 minutes)

The Humor speech – Level IV
The objective of this speech is to use humor to get your audience smiling and laughing. This 9-year old presented her Humor speech while it was still categorized in Level II. Now it is in Level IV. (5-7 minutes)


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