While some Club Chairpersons opt to run their clubs by simply purchasing handbooks and supplies a la carte, most opt for the Club Training Subscription (available on this page) which gives the Chairperson and their students access to online training and downloadable forms. Chairpersons also have special access to editable promotional  resources, and our Zoom weekly meetups.

Handbooks are not downloadable and must be purchased separately at the “Supplies” tab in the menu.

Scroll down for our Self-Study subscription for students whose Chairperson has not ordered a Club Training subscription.

Club Training Subscription
for Speakers League and
Junior Speakers League
  • Chairperson’s Launch Guide including start-up lesson plans to make it easy for you (the Chairperson) to plan, promote, launch, and grow your program.
  • Student online lessons with badges, certificates, and other gamification features to manage training and keep kids engaged. You are able to monitor their results.
  • Downloadable forms for you and your members, instead of having to order needed forms.
  • Discounts on Member Handbooks.
  • Editable promotional assets, for example club flyers.
  • Weekly available Zoom meetups to answer your questions, plus share ideas, challenges, and successes with other Chairpersons.

$39.95 set up fee

plus a monthly amount (starting at $10)
based on the number of student training slots you would like access to across your public speaking class(es)/club(s). (Choose your student count at the button below for full pricing.)
You can easily add to, or reduce, your student count bundle choice at any time from your Chairperson’s Dashboard.
Self-Study Student Subscription
  • For students whose Club Chairperson has not purchased a Club Training Subscription
  • Student online training videos, lessons, and quizzes for: getting ready for the class/club, speech preparation (including speech examples), and club roles.
  • Downloadable forms for meetings. (Handbooks are sold separately at our "Supplies" tab in the menu.)

$19.95 set up fee

plus $5 per month
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