Workshop License

Some individuals and organizations may not want to run ongoing clubs. They opt, instead, to conduct workshops. Workshops are defined as short-term trainings (usually 10 sessions) at which a new group of students typically enrolls for each workshop series.

Speakers LeagueA Workshop License can be purchased in addition to your Charter (but not instead of it). You must have a Club Charter ($95) to allow you to purchase a Workshop License ($49.99). Workshop materials are different from regular club materials.

You do NOT need to purchase a license for each workshop you hold. One license authorizes all workshops held for the year of your license. The license will renew annually for as long as you want the right to hold workshops, but it may only be purchased or renewed by valid Charter holders. You do not need to run a club to be able to run workshops, but you need to hold a club charter to run workshops.

When you order our Speakers League Workshop License $49.99, you will have immediate access to the downloadable materials, including a specific detailed manual on how to conduct workshops, dedicated workshop materials including Member Handbooks and printable ribbons.

Speakers League workshops are usually 10 sessions.

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