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About Speakers League

Speakers League (recommended for ages 10-18) is a way of teaching public speaking through organized meeting sessions at which participating students rotate (from meeting to meeting) through various roles (e.g., MC, Timekeeper, prepared Speaker, Evaluator, Humorist, etc.). Meetings can either be held in-person or online. For younger children (7-9) read about Junior Speakers League further down this page.

Click here to request Part 1 of the club launch guide “Getting Started”, mentioned at the end of this video. 1:06

  • Students learn how to do their roles and create speeches with their handbook (see sample pages). Handbooks are available for purchase on the “Supplies” tab in the menu. 
  • They also learn with club training videos available on our YouTube channel.
  • They also learn through meeting observation and participation.
  • The adult facilitators of these meetings (we call them Chairpersons) can purchase a downloadable “Chairperson’s Launch Guide” with lesson plans to make the first few meetings a snap!)

The result? 

  • The result is students who have confidence, presentation skills, responsibility, leadership skills, critical thinking skills, and make new friendships.

Meeting highlight video

View (or skim) to see how a Speakers League meeting runs. (Junior Speakers League meetings are very similar.) 23:50

Online meeting aspects

How we train members for the differences that exist if their club meets online. 14:31

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About Junior Speakers League

Welcome to Junior Speakers League

Watch our intro video for Junior Speakers League. 5:09

Junior Speakers League clubs/classes (recommended for ages 7-9) are in-person or online meeting sessions very similar in format to Speakers League meetings (see videos above). But in JSL, you, as the club Chairperson, are a little more hands-on, taking things at the pace of your students, making sure they are ready for each step. 

  • Students learn how to do their roles and create speeches with their handbook (see sample pages). Handbooks are available for purchase on the “Supplies” tab in the menu. 
  • The JSL member handbook is simpler (see sample pages), and the members in the Basic Level have a worksheet for all speeches they give, to help them achieve the goals of the speech, for example using gestures, vocal variety, or visual aids.
  • They also learn through meeting observation and participation.
  • Club Chairpersons (that’s you, the adult supervisor of the club) can also purchase a downloadable “Chairperson’s Launch Guide” with lesson plans to make the first few meetings a snap!)
"All I can say is WOW!
I was so impressed with every aspect –
the kids, the speeches, the way the meetings are organized, the whole thing is totally superb. Bravo!!"
Erica S.
Kyle and club chairperson

About the student training

Students learn how to do their roles and speeches through the member handbook, observing and participating in their class/club meetings, training videos to ready them for the experience of being in the club, of preparing speeches, having strong presentation skills, and knowing how to properly conduct roles at the meeting like Timekeeper, Wordmaster, and Evaluator. The handbook includes quizzes to reinforce the information available in the handbook and videos. 

Bonus training includes a video handbook tour, a Parent Guide video to help set expectations for parent involvement, speech examples, and more!

"Of all the activities we have attended,
Speakers League is the wisest, most relevant, and
all-around the best."
Victoria M.

What parents and students have said about our programs ...

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About us

Speakers League started in March 2008 with a single club in Carson, California. Over the years we opened more clubs and kept fine-tuning the program. When we initially made our system available to others, it was as an eBook, but our vision grew to include a meaningful online training component to make it even easier for like-minded people who are passionate about helping children develop public speaking and leadership skills. 

We are excited about our growth and are looking forward to being a part of the success of your public speaking program with our tools and resources. 

We value the input of our customers as we continue to improve and grow our offerings. 

Meet the curriculum developer

Julia Morgan
Julia Morgan

Julia Morgan is the Founder of Speakers League. She has run dozens of Speakers League clubs since 2008, both in-person and online. 

Training Video Silly Kids

Members of the clubs!

Scores of Speakers League members over the years have volunteered their time to help members “learn the ropes” through our club training videos.

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