Speeches Level I

There are four Levels within the Speakers League program, each designed to take approximately a school-year to complete. To complete Level I, members must do each Club role at least once, and give the seven speeches outlined below.

Getting to Know You Speech1. Getting to Know You (4 – 6 minutes) The objective of this speech is to help the member feel more comfortable in public speaking situations and to let the audience know more about him/her. The skills emphasis for this speech is eye-contact.

2. Gestures (5 – 7 minutes) This speech calls on the member to work with gestures and body language to add interest and meaning to his/her speech.

3. Vocal Variety (5 – 7 minutes) The member should use volume, pitch, rate, and quality as well as appropriate pauses to reflect and add meaning and interest to his/her message. The member’s voice should reflect the thoughts he/she is presenting.

Speakers League Visual Aids Speech4. Visual Aids (5 – 7 minutes) The member should use visual aids to help the audience understand and remember what they hear. Popular visual aids include computer-based visuals, overhead transparencies, flip charts, whiteboards, and props used for demonstration.

5. Organizing (5 – 7 minutes) The member should present a speech that is organized into a logical order or format that is clear to the audience. (The speaker should provide his/her written outline to the Chairperson and Evaluator before the speech.)

6. Speaking with Knowledge (7 minutes +/- 30 seconds) The member should research an issue or topic, write a speech, and then present that speech to the audience in a way that incorporates the skills he/she has learned thus far. To be eligible for Level advancement, the timing of this speech must fall within the specified time frame of 7-minutes plus-or-minus 30-seconds.

7. Speaker’s Choice (5 – 7 minutes) The Speaker chooses the topic, and emphasis of this speech.

Speakers League TimekeeperFor all speakers, we use a signaling system to let them know their time, so they’ll know when their time is running out.

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